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Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Saturday, January 17, 2015


11:11pm Saturday, January 2015

Its 2015 people!   Watch out!  This year could get dicey...which is why you should remember to eat some #Honey...  This Winter I will bee selling the last few jars of #Honey I have and preparing to make splits in the Spring Lord willing...  I am excited about the 2015 Harvest of Spring honey.  Tis always an exciting time bringing family and friends together...One might say I am longing for warmer weather casting my thoughts into the Future...But the Future will Come. Peace & Love

Here is a picture of my journeys to Hawaii...Aloha     Oh, I wish I could fly back for just one night.
The latter picture of the 3 sizes that #Honey comes in.  16oz, 8oz, 4oz jars.

Monday, November 17, 2014


FALL 2014 Update:

Grand news peeps!  I landed my 1st retail store account.  Its small potatoes; yet, potatoes will feed a family.  #Honey is now available at NYPD Pizza in Little Rock AR = 6015 Chenonceau Blvd. Little Rock AR 72223

Praying. Praying that this cold winter my bees will survive and come out strong in the spring.  I just don't know what people do up North...?
I checked my hives and harvested what little there was this Fall.  I got two flavors from 2 separate hives.  "Winnie The Pooh" coming from our "Pooh" hive, and "Mystery Angel" hailing from the famous Angel hive that has truly amazed me year after year.  Their is surely something special about this flavor and I am tempted to charge 25% more for it...

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Honey On The Horizon

This spring has really been a time full of wondrous and adventurous bee stories.  Just to name a few... I chainsawed a beehive out of a tree, captured 2-3 swarms, my hives swarmed and I caught them, my hives swarmed and I didn't catch them, I have ordered queens, made queens, and captured queens, a made a nuc for the first time, still working to get pollen, but the good news is: honey is on the horizon. I hope to have honey for sale this week!!!  I am going to sale locally at first, but hope to have enough to sell friends and family afar...  May God Bless the honey and may He Bless You.  Thank you Jesus for letting me have honey this year!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Early March Update

Well, as a apiarist (aka beekeeper), I look for what I call a "golden day" meaning that the weather will no longer be freezing at night and spring flowers are blooming providing all the pollen and nectar my bees need.  March 1st is the day I typically like to deem "Golden Day" if not earlier; however, Winter has thrown a late flag extending play for another few days bringing temps at night down to 25 F here in south Arkansas.  Hope my bees can make through this week and I think we will be in the golden time.
  On a more positive note  some people called me this week with a tree trunk full of bees if I wanted it.  I was able to pick up the tree trunk along with 4 other men and put it in my truck.  In addition, I was successfully about to chainsaw them out and even extract the Queen who I named Queen Joy.  Lord willing this will be my 4th beehive if I can keep it going.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

February Love

What up 2014!  Hope the month of love has been treating you fabulously!  Just giving everyone the heads up that I am planning to update this Bee Blog a little bit more this year.  Also, I will be giving updates on when honey is for sale this Spring - Lord willing.  I am really hoping to have a good amount of wonderful natural RAW HONEY for sale.  My bees seem to be buzzing around when its not snowing, so thats a good sign they winter'd well.  I am curious to see if my bees swarm this year, I am anticipating it, but not excited about it as that will SURELY slow down honey production.  Many beekeepers re-queen to avoid this smchmeeasco event but as surely you know by now I am a naturalist and enjoy letting the bees do what they do naturally.  Nevertheless, I currently have 3 bee hives and hope to harvest from all 3 this year in time.  This past fall I had about 16 jars of 8oz honey and man was it incredible!!! New for this year I will be selling pollen and you can bet your bottom $ it will not be cheap.  Do your research on how incredible pollen is for your body and you will begin to understand why it is so beneficial.